Small Woods News

Royal Forestry Society Grey Squirrel Woodland Survey 2021

14 Ion 2021

The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) have launched a survey on grey squirrel impacts on woodland. Small Woods members are welcome to participate.


Lost Woods Survey

7 Ion 2021

Do you live, own or manage woodland in Sussex in the Lost Woods Project area? You have an opportunity to take part in our new survey designed to assess how we might help support you with woodland management.


Online AGM and Skills Share success

12 Tach 2020

Small Woods Online AGM and Skills Share 2020.


Lost Woods project launch

16 Medi 2020

Small Woods is one of four main partner organisations to launch Lost Woods of the Low Weald and Downs, an exciting project that aims to bring back to life forgotten areas of woodland in Sussex.


New faces to advise forestry agencies in the future

1 Mai 2019

Six new non-executive advisers have been appointed to strengthen the work of the new agencies, Scottish Forestry and Forestry and Land Scotland, which were established on 1st April this year.


Forestry Skills Plan for England and Wales

11 Chwef 2019

Smallwoods, along with nearly thirty forestry employers, associations and educational providers are proud to have pledged to work together to attract the very best of young and new talent into the sector.


SWA Response to the Domestic Burning Consultation

18 Ion 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this important consultation, which is of great significance to Small Woods members, most if not all of whom source and use wood fuel for their own use and many also supply it to others.


Movement restrictions introduced to protect against tree pest in Kent

17 Ion 2019

New measures have just been introduced yesterday (16 January) to protect the country against the tree pest known as the larger eight-toothed spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus), which was discovered in Kent in December 2018.


Members Event

12 Hyd 2018

Small Woods Association are providing an opportunity to gain experience within the woodland and greenwood craft sector for volunteer woodland interns Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Atque deleniti, dolore ab, repellat rerum voluptas eius alias sint numquam, architecto dolores quos quod? Repellat ut explicabo minima quos ad velit officiis tempore quaerat veritatis architecto similique error dicta


New Film 'Saving our Oak' highlights the challange of Acute Oak Decline

6 Rhag 2017

The plight of our most iconic native tree, the oak, is the subject of a new film released by the charity, Woodland Heritage.



Spring is sprung! Walking in the woods this morning, the spring flowers are pushing through the undergrowth, the birdsong in the trees is reaching fever pitch and the mammals large and small are on the move; attracting the attention of the kestrels and buzzards overhead. This is such a magical time of year and never fails to inspire and fill the mind with thoughts and plans for the year ahead.

We are getting this year off to a great start with two events this month that should prove to be very interesting. On 16-17 March we are hosting two Forestry Commission sponsored “Woodland into Management” events at the Green Wood Centre. The event will showcase some of the many ways that small woodland managers and owners can use some of the smaller-scale equipment available to them to improve woodland management in a sensitive, sustainable and cost effective way.

We are very much looking forward to the event as it provides us with an opportunity to look at the lessons coming from the SIMWOOD project, where we are again collaborating with the Forestry Commission, along with another 27 woodland management organisations from across Europe. Our principle in both initiatives is that the “wood that is valued is the wood that stays” and we know that Small Woods members value the woods where they work for a wide range of reasons. The addition of new techniques and ideas that promote management will make the 25-30,000 hectares of British woods for which Small Woods members are responsible across the UK more likely to be managed well. To say there is clearly demand from members for these events is an understatement – the first day sold out in 3 hours and the second in an evening. We are looking forward to two vibrant days exchanging experience and ideas.