Exhibition of Rackham's work

11 Oct 2021

Oliver Rackham exhibition at the Green Wood Centre

Some of the pioneering work by the late Oliver Rackham went on display at our headquarters at the Green Wood Centre last week.

Rackham, who died in 2015, is best known as a woodland ecologist and for a string of books that helped to redefine the relationship of humans and woodland. His 1986 masterpiece The History of the Countryside is still a staple of university reading lists up and down the nation.

Less known is his early work in the 1960s on the efficiency of plants to photosynthesise in partial and varying light but this research, which led to his doctoral thesis, is still the backbone of much cutting-edge work on plant productivity today.

The exhibition will run until the end of the year in the Woodland Hall, with contributions from authors Richard Mabey and John Lewis-Stempel, crop scientist Dr John Reade and visual artist Jez Hastings, among others.


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