As well as supporting our Members, we also deliver a wide range of Projects to support our aims:

  • We champion sustainable woodland management, where objectives for the environment, society and the economy are intertwined
  • We teach practical woodland skills 
  • We promote the many benefits and produce of small woodlands
  • We help people connect with their local woodland
  • We provide a voice at the strategic policy level for small woodlands and the people who own, manage, work in and cherish such woodlands

See below to find out more about our current Projects.

National Coppice Development Project 

A project to re-energise and grow the coppice sector in the UK. We aim to extend the area of managed coppice rotations, increase the flow of new entrants to the sector, raise awareness of the need to buy local coppice products to help keep woods in good health. See:

Woodland Test and Trials (Environmental Land Management Scheme - ELMS)

Commissioned by Defra, starting in March 2020 for a period of 18 months.  The Project involves seven pilot testing areas in England. A key component of the project is to form Local Woodland Facilitation Groups, one for each of the seven regions, which will then test new land management support options for woodlands. We want small woodlands and the needs of woodland people to become a vital component of the overall picture in 2021/2022 when Defra rolls out its own full national ELMs pilot, and ultimately from 2024 when ELMS is active as a fully operational grant and support scheme.  Read more here. 

Build a Bench (BBO)

XXXX. Read more here. 

Lost Woods

XXXX. Read more here.