Legacies to Small Woods, no matter how small, could really make a difference to woodlands:

  • £100 could buy tools for use on the Forest Schools and Social Forestry programmes
  • £500 could pay for a safety assessment of a woodlands for Forest School use
  • £1000 would help to fund a local coordinator to deliver advice, events and activities in one region of the UK
  • £5000 could help us set up a campaign to highlight the need for better managed woodlands across the country
  • £10,000 could pay for a coppice or workshop apprentice for 18months
  • £25,000 could pay for a woodland adviser post to provide information and management plans for 200 small woodlands
  • £50,000 would pay for ecological assessment, management plan and the introduction of coppice rotation to a neglected woodland over 5 years

Our Woods in Trust scheme  

Your intended beneficiaries might not be in a position to manage your woodland going forward.

If you bequeath your woodland to Small Woods, under our developing Woods in Trust scheme, we would ensure it will continued to be cared for and sustainably managed ourselves, or seek a sympathetic buyer to safeguard your woodland - enabling it to thrive long into the future, should that be your wish. 

Download a codicil to a will

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Did you know? 

Any gift you make to Small Woods is free of inheritance tax (IHT). In addition, by leaving 10% of your estate to Small Woods, you could reduce your overall IHT liability from 40% to 36% 
For information about leaving a gift in your will to Small Woods, contact [email protected] or call 01952 432769.

For information about our Woods in Trust scheme, please contact our CEO at [email protected] or by calling the number above