The Green Wood Centre

The Green Wood Centre is based in Coalbrookdale just a short way from historic Ironbridge and provides an innovative  headquarters for Small Woods set in the woods of the Ironbridge Gorge.

We promote sustainable living through a wood based economy by running courses and events in sustainable woodland management, coppicing, crafts and related activities. Our activities at the Centre include woodland volunteering projects, fun family sessions and woody events for the whole community.

The inspiring Woodland Hall, available for hire, has sweet chestnut pillars, a peaceful environment and an energy efficient design which make it a perfect venue for a wide range of events. The site is also home to the Green Wood Cafe, a retail outlet for coppice products, the woodland craft area, woodland camp and year round access to woodland walks around the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site.

Opening during Covid-19

29 March 2021 update

The government road map aims to lift restrictions through a careful series of steps.

Consequently, as of 29 March 2021, we are able to make a small step forward ourselves.

Access will be permitted to the Green Wood Centre by foot and by vehicle for the first time since the winter lockdown commenced, but only for those looking to access the The Green Wood Cafe for Take Away. The seating areas will not be accessible at this point and we would ask all visitors to please respect this.

Site improvement work is still ongoing, so there are likely to be times when access is consequently restricted.

We would ask visitors not to access other parts of the site at this stage, a number of people are now working on site subject to carefully arranged Covid safety arrangements and we ask all visitors to respect the new site arrangements, which are for everyone’s safety.

The upper woodland walk remains open, as it has done throughout the restrictions. However, there is no access to the upper site buildings around the cruck barn and old station.

For information the Small Woods Association training programmes based at the Green Wood Centre are due to re-start in April, please visit the website for details; there should be something there for everyone.

The Ironbridge Coracle Trust are also hoping to reopen the [new] shed from May 17th, in line with the most recent guidelines for museums etc.”

green wood cafe
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