Information for Volunteers

We welcome the support of a small number of volunteers across the organisation, and value the time and skills that people can offer us.  We want to ensure your experience is beneficial and that you understand how you fit into the organisation.  


Woodland Wellbeing Volunteer Role Description

We don’t have any roles available at present, however if you’d like to express your interest in volunteering with us, please complete our application form. A member of staff in your area will contact you to arrange an initial meeting. 

To understand our volunteer support in more detail, please visit our ‘Volunteer Handbook’ here


All successful applicants are inducted via a 2-staged process: 

  • Online Volunteering ‘Best Practice’ session to introduce you to the organisation and the policies and procedures relating to your role  
  • Face to face induction with your local CLSW contact that will support you in your role and help you to understand how it will work

Training and development 

We also provide opportunities for personal and professional development. The following training options may be available: 

Safeguarding adults and children On-going availability  
Outdoor First Aid or Emergency First Aid             TBC
Food Hygiene   On-going availability 
Mental Health Awareness  On-going availability
Risk Assessment Training  On-going availability
Local skill share TBC


Rewards and celebration 

Certification – we provide certification as evidence of the outcomes you achieve. A record of your hours will be logged to help support this 

Time Credits – We have linked with Tempo Time Credits to ensure that you can get something back for the time you give you can also use the rewards you earn to gift others e.g. family and friends.  

To access your Tempo account go here: details TBC