As part of the restoration of Coed Taliesin, we will be felling a small number of the large pines which dominate the site.

Coed Taliesin is designated as a PAWS (plantation on an ancient woodland site) and so we will be following management prescriptions made by the Woodland Trust to help restore its ancient woodland features. This will principally involve restoring light levels beneath the canopy, releasing the broadleaf understorey and providing ground flora with the conditions to thrive.

We plan to achieve this through lightly thinning some of the densely shading conifers. Only a small number will be removed, as a gradual approach is necessary to preserve the conditions favourable to ancient woodland features. Weaker trees, prone to failure will be selected, allowing the stronger specimens to thrive. The felled trees will then be milled on site to provide timber to improve the woodland for our social forestry projects, to better facilitate the community well-being sessions we regularly host in the woods.

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Hazel Hurdle Making

: 27 Apr 2024

: The Green Wood Centre

Find out how to make a traditional woven hazel hurdle, working alongside a professional hurdle maker. 


Willow Hurdle Making

: 28 Apr 2024

: The Green Wood Centre

Using a traditional Somerset pattern, you will be taught how to make a woven willow panel to take home.


Coracle Making

: 11 May 2024 - 12 May 2024

: The Green Wood Centre

Build an Ironbridge-style coracle using simple tools and techniques to suit all levels of experience and ability.


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15 June

The Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry is a one-day course that covers the national Emergency First Aid at Work syllabus but goes on to cover the criteria listed by the Forestry Commission /Natural Resources Wales required for workers on their forestry sites.

The course covers severe bleeds, eye injuries, electrocution, Weils disease and ticks, and discusses other challenges for a first aider in the outdoor and forest environment. The training is hands-on and down-to-earth by a very experienced instructor who delivers the course in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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Picture7 Hazel Hurdles

Hazel Hurdle Making

  • The Green Wood Centre
  • 27 Apr 2024
Find out how to make a traditional woven hazel hurdle, working alongside a professional hurdle maker.  more...