Future and current research


Are you interested in forestry and social forestry research? Small Woods and Coed Lleol / Small Woods value and support the work of academic researchers. We are keen to hear from anyone interested in researching forestry or social forestry.

Contact Natasha Simons, Coed Lleol / Small Woods Research & Evaluation Officer, via email: [email protected]

Here are some pointers for research ideas, but feel free to contact us with your own ideas:


  • The impact of woodland management on biodiversity
  • Evidencing productive woodlands for environmental and social benefit
  • Rewilding versus woodland management: exploring the impact on carbon sequestration and/or biodiversity.
  • Why are so many small woods left unmanaged? An exploration of the barriers to woodland management of private woodland owners.
  • How can small woodland owners contribute to local economies?
  • What can we learn from ancient or global forestry practices?


Social Forestry


  • How is community action best encouraged to develop and maintain independent skills and ownership of community or public woodlands? (using management plans).
  • The impact of social forestry on physical health and mental wellbeing
  • What are the impacts, issues and uses of Social Prescribing to outdoor health? (especially in woodlands)
  • Research into the barriers to participation in outdoor/woodland activities of different social groups
  • What is the best approach to upskill and embed eco-therapy? Should we be training nurses in nature-based solutions or eco-therapists into mental health work?
  • Are woodlands transformative? An investigation of small woodland owners’ behavioural changes/health and wellbeing changes
  • How is climate anxiety effecting our children? Can a small woods/Actif woods approach help mitigate climate anxiety in school-age children?
  • What lessons we can learn (positive and negative) from eco-therapy globally (with a focus on Japan and South Korea)
  • How can connecting to nature impact on dementia patients (and memory)


Our current research

Social Return on Investment of Nature-Based Activities for Adults with Mental Wellbeing Challenges


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