Join us at our Woodfuel Policy Conference (members only)

7 Jun 2023

Woodfuel Policy Conference
11am - 3pm on Wednesday, June 28, 2023 (hybrid event)

Small Woods Association is holding a policy conference to look at the issues around woodfuel. The need for this event has arisen from the recent publication of the Government’s Environmental Improvement Plan, which commits it to reduction of particulate emissions and focuses specifically on woodfuel.

This document sets out the purpose of the event in more detail and the outcomes we hope for. Attendees are deliberately mixed, given the wide-ranging interests in wood fuel, and include individual woodland managers/owners, firewood producers of varying sizes, policy organisations, representatives of the wood using and wood producing sector, academics and Government.

If you are a member of SWA, we would welcome your attendance so that we can achieve our aim of holding a balanced discussion. Our intention is that through hearing the different sides of the debate around woodfuel currently, that we can reach conclusions that will be meaningful to policy makers.

The in-person event will be taking place at the Green Wood Centre, Ironbridge, Shropshire. Places in the hall are limited to 20, whilst numbers for online attendance will not be limited.

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We look forward to you joining us at this important event.


Ian Baker 
Chief Executive