Net Zero Week - time to act!

On the 27th June 2019, the UK became the first major economy in the world to commit to reducing all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Net zero means that remaining emissions are offset by schemes which remove an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases, such as reforestation and waste to energy.

Net Zero Week is the UK’s national awareness week, running from 2nd - 8th July and backed by the government and industry. The purpose is to help consumers and businesses find out how they can become net zero and benefit from these actions.

In November 2020, Boris Johnson outlined his 10 point plan for a green industrial revolution, which intends to help us reach the goal of net zero. These 10 points include:

-       shifting to zero emission vehicles

-       more green public transport

-       protecting the environment

-       more offshore wind power

-       greener buildings

However, the Climate Change Committee’s progress report to Parliament this June has highlighted that there are still important policy gaps and a lack of focus on delivery. It concluded that the current programmes will not deliver the necessary outcomes.

The release of the report coinciding with Net Zero Week is an ideal opportunity to contact your local MP and ask them to commit to delivering the actions that the government have promised. Swift progress must be made if we are to meet our legal obligations, and set an example for other nations.

You can find the contact details for your local MP here.

Find out more about net zero and set personal goals for reducing your emissions here.