Next generation nature connection in Swansea and NPT

24 Oct 2022

We have a number of innovative programmes for children and young people running in the Swansea and NPT area this autumn.

First up is a 6 week woodland wellbeing programme for children and young people to work towards their John Muir Award. This is a closed group for participants aged 16 - 25, who are at risk of homelessness and / or experiencing anxiety and other mental health issues. The bulk of referrals to these sessions have been from Llamau  and Swansea PRU. The programme kicked off on 12th October - creating nature journals around the fireplace, foraging, and making natural paints from flowers, plants, berries, herbs, and spices to decorate them.

Next is another closed group, with referrals from Llangatwg Community School’s Pupil Support Centre (via their Cynydd worker) for young people aged 12-14 with autism and complex needs. The Cynydd Project works with children and young people who are at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment, or training) when they leave school. Our other referrals came from The Sunflower Lounge, who work with young people aged 16+ that have been in or left care. The sessions began on 6th October with Happa Zome practice, an ancient Japanese art form based on leaf printing, the following week saw participants making boats out of foraged wood and racing them along the woodland stream.

Gemma, our Project Officer, is also facilitating open taster sessions in Swansea and NPT, which are designed for young people and families with children - make Xmas bread with cranberries, create natural gifts for family and friends and learn about survival skills!

You can find details here:

Get Ready for Xmas the Woodland Way - Swansea

Get Ready for Xmas the Woodland Way - NPT