Testimony from a tree lover!

19 Jan 2023

We spoke to Steve, who attended our AIM L3 Sustainable Woodland Management course in December at the Green Wood Centre, to find out what it's like to learn with us.


Why did you decide to take this course?

I'm a fairly new owner of a private woodland in Wales and know next to nothing about how to manage it. I decided to buy my woodland as a place to retreat and enjoy at a personal level, but also as a project to create a habitat for as much wildlife as possible. 

What were you expecting?

I didn't really have any specific expectations but I figured it could only be beneficial to sign up. I hadn't attempted to manage my woodland in the 18 months I've owned it for fear of doing more harm than good. So I was hopeful that the course would provide me with a good starting point.

What did you learn that was especially useful?

The process of continuous forestry coverage so that there are always a range of trees at different stages of maturity. I also learnt a lot about tree safety, pretty essential when you spend time in the woods alone, especially as mine is in a remote location. Woodland field layers have been something of a revelation to me and will definitely be a factor in my plans.

How did you find the experience overall?

Incredibly positive, the tutors were supremely patient and knowledgeable and the hosts welcoming and supportive. The venue was beautiful and it was really good to meet so many other woodland owners and hear about their experiences.

Did you find the teaching methods accessible?

They were ideal, the tutors worked at a really good pace and there were plenty of breaks which allowed for group discussion which I found very valuable. The content of the course and the settings we were taught in also varied widely.

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