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A Walk in the Woods: Craigieburn

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: 10 Jul 2021 - 10 Jul 2021

: Online


The wood now called Craigieburn is located to the south of Bannockburn, near Stirling in central Scotland, if you want to look at a map the entrance gate is here. The wood is a 7 acre parcel at the north end of a larger area of fairly ancient woodland (Barr Wood), sloping down quite steeply in places from a plateau about 130 m elevation at the top south end to about 80 m at the roadside to the north, it has two watercourses running through it.

It has been in David's care since early 2013, and he has been managing it on a hobby basis more or less for biodivesity, without ever having written down a formal management plan!

He has thinned predominant sycamore and ash in the lower reaches of the woodland, and birch higher up. He has planted native trees that, for no particular reason that could be seen were not present including  gean (wild cherry), hazel, crab apple, blackthorn, hornbeam, juniper and aspen. There's been a lot of rhoddie bashing (now about halfway there), and gradual discouragement of significant areas of bracken. Wildlife includes roe deer, badger, hare, red squirrel, and my neighbour has spotted a pine marten.

Come along for a look around and the opportunity to talk to David about his woodland.