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Between the Trees - Wild Woodland Products as a resource

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: 30 Sep 2021 - 30 Sep 2021

: Online 11am -12pm


The Dewis Gwyllt (Choose Wild) project is developing and testing supply chains and products from the Community Woodlands of Wales - take a tour of their work on birch sap, wild garlic, elderflower and tree seeds through presentations, video, and discussion. Delve into your own larder to find out what you buy or make that’s wild and local!

The session will start with a look at Wild Woodland products internationally and nationally with a look at FairWild certification and the Star-tree project. They will also set participants a challenge to find products in their cupboards that are wild and local - winner receives a sample of 2020 vintage birch syrup from Wales.

They will then focus on our research and product development on birch tapping and tree seed collection and marketing and round up with what they are planning for the second half of the project - elderflower, essential oils, teas?

The session will round off with an open question and discussion session looking at what Wild Products Scottish Community Woodlands produce and the Wild Larder Competition results and winner.