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Elf Cup Wood: Members Woodland Visit

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: 09 Apr 2022 - 09 Apr 2022

: Elf Cup Wood, Hampshire 10:30am - 3:30pm


Historically it had been coppiced for fuel to supply local brickworks, but from the 1940’s to its purchase in 2014 appears to have remained unmanaged – leaving a wealth of deadwood, falling trees and fungi. So far, surveys have identified many different species including 21 trees, over 100 other plants, 43 birds, 140 fungi and a range of insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, with some examples of nationally scarce insects and fungi.

With an approved management plan in place Barry & Bev have been reinstating the coppice over about one third of the wood, significantly thinning the birches on another and carrying out some selective felling to open specific areas in the other third. They have also restored a large pond and improved access. Products from the work include logs, milled timber, charcoal, bean poles and pea sticks.

The spring is a delight with an abundance of bluebells, primroses, violets & anemones. If you would like the opportunity to walk through the woodland in April and chat to Barry about the woodland, its wildlife, and experiences with management, please book through the website, ring or email for more information or to book a place.

Bring a packed lunch - or something to cook on the fire! and a cup, hot drinks will be provided