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Heritage Crafts Workshop

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: 21 Jan 2021 - 21 Jan 2021

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 The workshop is being led by Mary Lewis the endangered crafts officer for the Heritage Crafts Association.

This research and survey is being run in partnership with the Heritage Crafts Association (HCA), Small Woods and the National Coppice Federation.

This workshop will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing green wood and coppice crafts.

The Heritage Crafts Association welcomes feedback and input to the 2021 Red List of Endangered Crafts. Please let us know if there is a craft that you are concerned about or about challenges that are facing traditional craft skills.

These are the crafts that currently feature on the Red List of Endangered Crafts.

Critically Endangered

  • Oak swill basket making
  • Oak bark tanning
  • Clog making (hand carved soles)
  • Devon stave basket making
  • Basketwork furniture making
  • Withy pot making
  • Hazel spale basket making (due to be added in 2021)


  • Broom making (besoms)
  • Chair seating
  • Coopering (beer)
  • Coracle making
  • Hurdle making
  • Pole lathe bowl turning
  • Rake making
  • Trug making
  • Wheelwrighting

Currently viable

  • Coppice working
  • Charcoal burning
  • Bowyery
  • Hedgelaying
  • Pole lathe turning
  • Wood carving

The research currently being carried out has also identified the following areas that may be at risk.

  • Spar making
  • Tent peg making
  • Tool making – specifically Billhook making as many coppice workers have commented that modern billhooks are inferior to the older ones.

In addition to this, there are challenges facing the green wood and coppice crafts sector:

  • Sourcing materials – Ash die back was cited as a specific threat, other crafts people have reported difficulties in sourcing materials such as cricket bat willow.
  • Ageing skilled workforce
  • Loss of craft skills
  • Market challenges
  • Small business challenges
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Technology – both as an opportunity and a threat

Before the workshop, we need ten minutes of your time to provide current data for the HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts 2021.

If you are a maker of green wood or coppice crafts, professional or amateur, then we would like to hear from you.

Complete the survey here.

For more information about this event please open the attached leaflet.

Please note this is an online evening event starting at 7pm. For more information please email Amanda at [email protected]