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The impacts of Ips - online event

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: 05 Mar 2024


Tuesday 5th March at 2pm

All are welcome at this in-depth discussion on Ips typographus, a notifiable and highly destructive pest of spruce. We will be joined by two experts from the Forestry Commission: Fred Toft, Ips typographus Project Manager with the Plant Health Forestry Team and Elliot Carpenter, Ips typographus Woodland Officer.

The impacts of Ips typographus are currently being felt in south-eastern England where eradication efforts are ongoing. Fred and Elliot will address any concerns you have and bring us up to date with what is being done to combat Ips typographus, grants for woodland owners, and proactive management aimed at reducing the susceptibility of spruce stands to infestation by this devastating pest.

 Image credit: Bato Damdinov, Unsplash