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Tree Health Policy Options Workshops

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: 09 Feb 2021 - 09 Feb 2021

: Online



Last year the Treescapes Programme ran a series of workshops on behalf of Defra and partners to explore potential new policy options for the management of tree pests and diseases. The outcomes from that research fed directly into the formulation of policy proposals, particularly grants and regulations, designed to support land managers and stakeholders’ future responses to tree pests and diseases. This year they want to find out more about what those dealing with Spruce and Larch might want from grants to support management of tree health.  They are also exploring the potential for small woodland owners to make applications as a group, in order to manage diseases such as ash dieback. 

This is part of an England-wide Defra project to help shape future support for land managers with trees, woods and forests, from single in-field trees to commercial forestry, shelter-belts and hedgerows to small and large woodlands. More information can be found here.

Tree diseases and pests such as Ips Typographus mean that woodland owners may need to respond to statutory notices to manage plant health or may wish to proactively manage tree health. In order to establish what woodland owners and managers might require to do this, we are holding online workshops to further discuss and design potential grants.  One workshop will focus on grants managing Ips Typographus and the other more broadly on the potential for collective applications to manage tree health:

9th Feb 6-8pm focus on Spruce and Ips Typographus as the pest. This workshop is focused on woodlands in the South East of England. It will be exploring whether owners and managers are interested in shared action around felling and getting Spruce to market by working together and in a shared grant scheme for restocking afterwards. Registration closes 3rd February.

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For more information please email Amanda at [email protected] and we will put you in touch with the Treescapes team.