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Visit to Mereworth

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: 03 Feb 2024


The sweet chestnut coppice industry has always been a bit of a mystery to most. Geographically, it is confined to relatively small areas of the country –  predominantly Kent, East and West Sussex, parts of Hampshire and in the northerly outpost of Herefordshire. In Kent and Sussex especially, chestnut has been the main crop for hundreds of years, tying directly to the need for hop poles to support the nation’s thirst for beer. 

Join us for a closer look at Mereworth in Kent, where the woodland’s head forester (still known by the traditional moniker of “woodreeve”) will show us why it is at  the cutting edge of growing chestnut. You will also hear how the industry works, the challenges it faces, and why chestnut is more in demand than ever. We will also explore other fascinating parts of this 1,800-acre woodland, with a chance to see historical elements of the area that correspond directly to the industry today. 

To attend this one day event, call the office on 01952 432769 and book your place!