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Whitethorn Bank: Members Woodland Visit

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: 25 Jun 2022 - 25 Jun 2022

: Whitethorn Bank, Worcester 10am start


Graham & Ann: 'We soon learnt that strimming/mowing will control the nettles and that, if left alone, pond side trees will fall into the water. This prompted us to do some thinking and we made plans to manage the trees around the pond, we were able to deal with the small ones ourselves but needed some professional help with the bigger ones. We only take enough firewood to keep our home and our daughter’s home, warm through the winter.

The pond has fish in it, from a time when the woodland was used for rough shooting and fishing. It has been a challenge to eradicate the invasive Bulrush (Typhus latifolia) and control the Common Reed (Phragmites australis), but the aquatic habitat is a source of pleasure too, attracting birds throughout the year. We inherited a small list of species seen on the site from the previous owners, since then we have recorded many more species, currently the total is 700 species.

The SWA visit will be held from 10am on Saturday 25th June, we will take you on a guided tour of the woodland where we can discuss the site and our management practices, and learn from your experiences. We will be able to provide a hot drink, but please bring your own packed lunch, which we can eat under the 350year old Veteran Oak. There are some timber rounds that you can sit on, although if you wish you can bring a folding chair.'

Photograph credits:

Looking over the lake. Credit: Graham Hill

Aerial view of the woodland.  Credit Jean Young