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: 24 Jun 2021 - 24 Jun 2021

: Online 2pm - 3:30pm


FUTURE OAK is a Bangor University led research project investigating the health of oak trees in the UK. Our native oak species are increasingly under-pressure from a variety of pests, pathogens, and changes to the landscape and climate. FUTURE OAK focuses particularly on Acute Oak Decline (AOD) and will explore the role of micro-organisms in this disease. Led by microbial ecologist Professor James McDonald, the project team are hoping to better understand oak health in general, and aim to begin to counter this particular decline condition. 

A central element of this interdisciplinary project is analysing the knowledge, perspectives and understandings of oak health held by the many managers of oak across the UK. Consequently, the FUTURE OAK team are working in association with Small Woods to engage these woodland managers to reveal and understand this expertise and discover how AOD is affecting their trees. 

Researchers from Bangor University will give a short presentation to introduce the FUTURE OAK project at the 24th June WoodsMeet. But they also need your help! They aim to interview a significant number of oak managers across the UK and are currently seeking volunteers who would be willing to participate. 

If you have oak trees and would be willing to share your thoughts on their health, management and future, please email Seumas Bates at [email protected].