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Wytham Wood: Members Woodland Visit

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: 23 Apr 2022 - 23 Apr 2022

: Wytham Wood, Oxfordshire, 10:30am - 3:30pm


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The walk will take in the variety of different woodland within Wytham, from ancient semi-natural stands and veteran trees, to modern plantations and how they are being treated. Evidence of the past history and use of Woods will be visible from medieval wood-banks to World War 1 trenches. We will consider the challenges posed by deer management, Ash Dieback and managing different groups of people from the public to august researchers. Various research topics will be picked up in passing, including the long-running great and blue tit studies, the badger population work, detailed tree growth studies and long-term vegetation change.

The aim of the day will be to use Wytham as a microcosm of lowland English woods: to consider where they are going, how this might be facilitated and what survey and monitoring is needed to check we are heading in the right direction.

Fully booked