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Introduction to Pole Lathe Turning

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: 30 Jun 2024

: The Green Wood Centre


Fully booked

Tutor: Tom Dillon 

Spend a day at the Green Wood Centre learning how to turn fresh green wood on a foot-powered pole-lathe.  You will begin the day by splitting a greenwood log with a froe and mallet and preparing your own round ‘billet’ on a shave-horse.  Next, we will mount the billets on a pole-lathe, where you will learn how to recognize and refine subtle movements with different chisels and gouges to create your own unique item(s) by the end of the day eg. rolling-pin, chair leg, garden dibber etc.
You will learn: 

How to split a green wood log with a froe and mallet 

How to prepare a round ‘billet’ using a shave-horse and drawknife 

How to mount your billet on to a pole-lathe and make it spin 

How to first ‘rough-out’ your billet with a gouge, and then how to use other chisels to create different surfaces and forms 

How to finish your work – burning, burnishing, oiling, etc. 

Fully booked