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Make a 'Mike Abbott style' shave horse

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: 24 Jun 2023 - 24 Jun 2023

: The Green Wood Centre



Tutor: Tom Dillon

Make & use a shave-horse in a day!  Designed by green wood chairmaker, teacher & author Mike Abbott, these slightly crude but wonderfully functional shave-horses are assembled using lengths of 4x2, sturdy screws,  simple tools, and a cordless drill.  Complete with a mini-cleaving break and some handy options for sawing and supporting your woodwork projects, these no-fuss versions of a timeless tool are a great beginning to get you on your green woodworking way!

You will learn:

How to measure, mark and cut components for your shave-horse from lengths of 4x2                                                                               

How to assemble your shave-horse with screws and a cordless drill

How to shape a pin for your shave-horse using a drawknife

How you can use your shave-horse to effectively hold and cleave lengths of wood