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Straight Knife Blade Making

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: 24 Feb 2024

: The Green Wood Centre


Tutor: Richard Eaton

Master the skills of the blacksmith and blade smith and make your own knife.

You will learn how to:

use a traditional forge, anvil and hammer to create your own blade from a billet tool steel.

assess the hardness of steel by observing the changing colours of your billet in the forge.

forge and draw-out different forms and shapes with a hammer.

Harden and temper your blade to the required strength for an effective and durable edge-tool.

Richard Eaton is our local master-blacksmith. He creates artistic and traditional ironwork, alongside heritage work throughout Shropshire. He has been delivering courses at the Green Wood Centre for several years, and he has a deep passion for helping people learn the ancient and primitive skill of making their own knife.