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The Wonderful World of Trees

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: 06 May 2023 - 07 May 2023

: The Green Wood Centre


Tutor: Bob Watson, author and former Head of Forestry at Newton Rigg. 

Investigate the structure and mechanisms of trees and how they interact within the woodland environment. This course is delivered in a format that is accessible to a wide audience, with plenty of visual and practical examples to support the theory. 

Day 1 

Tree Seeds: structure and germination 
Stems, Leaves and Roots 
Woody Tissue and Bark 
Old Age: tree maturity, crown recession and death

Day 2

Responding to the Environment: Drought and Wind 
How Trees Communicate: their close associations and strategies for survival and longevity 
Effects of Management: pruning and coppicing 
Ecosystem Services: Quantity of Co2 absorbed, nitrogen and water cycles. 

This course is useful to anyone who is interested in the way trees are named, reproduce, develop, communicate and live together.