Monthly Drop-ins 2024

The aim of the Green Health Hub Cynefin is to promote community mental health and wellbeing opportunities for community groups through access to local green spaces.

Join us for free morning sessions (11am to 2pm) to feel healthier and happier.

Sat 27th Jan: Open to all adults - Leathercraft

Thurs 22nd Feb: Open to all adults - Bushcraft and whittling

Sat 23rd Mar: Open to all adults and family units - Rock inks and natural dyes

Thurs 25th Apr: Open to all adults - Welsh myth, foraging and some spoken Welsh

Thurs 23rd May:  Open to all adults - Whittling and green woodworking

Thurs 20th Jun: Open to all adults - Bushcraft, natural cordage and weaving

Sat 27th Jul: Open to adults and family units - Vegetable growing, nature connection and mindfulness

Sat 24th Aug: Open to adults and family units - Willow weaving

Sat 28th Sept: Open to all adults - Nature inspired lino printing and wood carving / printing

Sat 26th Oct: Open to adults and family units - Nature inspired singing

Thurs 21st Nov: Open to all adults - Winter foraging and campfire cooking

Thurs 12th Dec: Open to all adults - Bushcraft and storytelling

To book your free place, contact Becky: [email protected]

07786 916954

For general enquiries about Cynefin activities contact Andrew: [email protected]