Our Social Forestry and Wellbeing Team


Portrait of Amie Andrews

Amie Andrews

[email protected]
07786 375 881 

Amie manages our Social Forestry and Wellbeing Team. Her work focuses on health and wellbeing activities in woodlands across the UK. She manages the effective delivery of our social forestry and wellbeing projects, balancing the requirements of stakeholders from the health, environment and training sectors.

Amie also raises the profile of Small Woods, taking forward the strategic direction, whilst developing funding ideas to build the scope and breadth of our social forestry programmes. 

Amie is an anthropologist by background with experience in teaching and project management.

Woodland Wellbeing Project Coordinator

Portrait of Ceri Williams

Ceri Williams
[email protected]

Ceri has 20 years' experience in environmental project management in public, private and third sector settings with a background in conservation management, practical sustainability and community development.

Ceri is an open-hearted individual that deeply values working with passion and integrity. Working with Coed Lleol/ Small Woods Wales, Ceri takes much inspiration from developing mutually beneficial partnerships, living and working by Arisotle’s phrase ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

As a pioneer tree that easily populates new habitats and known also as Lady of the Woods , her favourite tree is the Birch tree which in Celtic mythology represents renewal and purification.

North Wales Coordinator

Portrait of Kate Clements

Kate Clements 
[email protected]
07875 586 790

Kate has a background in Environmental Education, coming from a Geography teaching background. She ran successful projects in the Great North Forest before coming to work at Coed Lleol (Small Woods Wales).

Kate is good at working and relating to people from diverse backgrounds, and loves being outdoors, mountain walking with her family, and travelling.

Her favourite trees are Apples, as they are both edible and beautiful.

South East Wales Coordinator

Portrait of Malou Hascoet

Malou Hascoet
[email protected]

Malou is the South East Wales Coordinator, working on a range of projects across Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen.

Born and raised in France, Malou moved to the UK in 2013 after finishing her Master’s in languages and intercultural management. Since then, she’s been working in the charity sector, mainly running volunteering services to support community groups, adults with learning disabilities, people with dementia and older people. Making a difference is her biggest motivation and is what pushes her towards projects that have a direct and significant impact on people’s physical and mental well-being.

She loves learning new things, especially when it comes to nature and sustainable living.


Woodland Hubs Coordinator

Portrait of Zena Wilmot

Zena Wilmot
Woodland Hubs Coordinator
[email protected]
01654 700061

Zena is part of the Social Forestry & Wellbeing and Woodland Management teams coordinating the woodland infrastructure and hubs stand of the ‘Outdoor Health and Green Infrastructure’ project. 

As well as working for Coed Lleol, Zena works part-time for Llais y Goedwig as Network Facilitator. Zena has more than 15 years’ experience working in the woodland sector in Wales and has a background in research, woodland management and social forestry. She has a passion for sustainability and has worked at the CAT and Sunseed eco projects.

She is also a founding member of the Bodfrigan Housing Cooperative. In her spare time she enjoys foraging and making things out of natural materials. Her favourite tree is the rowan for its tenacity and bright red berries in the autumn woodlands.


Outdoor Health Project Officer (North Wales)

Portrait of Lauren Wood
Lauren Wood
[email protected]

Lauren is passionate about bringing nature and people closer together. She spent 10 years working in environmental and outdoor education for organisations such as RSPB and Field Studies Council and led overseas expeditions to places like Borneo before her body told her to slow down.

Life is now slightly more sedate with a lot more meditation and book reading but when she isn’t wild swimming, baking cookies, writing songs, or working for Small Woods, she runs a part time wilderness and well-being coaching business for women.

Her favourite tree is Beech for the beautiful colours.

Outdoor Health Project Officer (South Wales)

Dawn Parker
[email protected]

Dawn has a lot of experience working with vulnerable children and families through her background in the health and social care sector. She started volunteering at her local community garden in 2021, which led her to re-train to be a Wellbeing in Nature Practitioner and Social Therapeutic Horticulture Practitioner.

Dawn aims to support others to benefit from being in and connecting with nature. She loves all things connected the outdoors, from having long walks in the woodlands with her dog and  family, to swimming in the sea. 

Her favourite tree is the Hawthorn for its flowers and scent in spring, red berries in autumn and heart health properties.

Research and Evaluation Officer

Natasha Simons

Natasha Simons
[email protected]
Natasha loves art, cooking, aromatherapy and travel. After completing her PhD, she specialised in designing and delivering evaluation strategies for charities, educational outreach organisations and museums. She is also experienced in report writing and funding bids.

She has worked as the Lead Evaluator on several larger scale projects run by the British Council, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Physics.

Her favourite tree is the Tulip Tree, because they are beautiful and remind her of her aunt who loves her garden.

Training Coordinator

Cathy Velmans
Cathy Velmans

[email protected]

Cathy has 20 years experience working for outdoor and environmental organisations including Natural Resources Wales, where she designed and delivered nature-based training for professionals, Forest School courses and woodland education sessions. 

She loves yoga, walking and being in the outdoors and also enjoys meeting and chatting to new people. Her favourite trees are Hawthorn for its beautiful flowers in spring and Oak for its strength and peace. 

Social Enterprise Development Officer

Tristan Haynes

Tristan Haynes
[email protected]

Tristan oversees a number of pilot projects that are based around engaging communities local to our headquarters in Coalbrookdale. Through a new community interest company, he works on the long-term community-based management  of up to 500 hectares of council-owned woodlands, improving their benefit to the environment, community health and wellbeing and educational and occupational opportunities.

Tristan has a BSc in Land Management from the University of Reading and a Masters in Sustainable Development. He has practical experience in agriculture gained in Dorset and South Australia, and worked on regional and European projects, including the development bioenergy supply chains and deploying sustainable energy technologies in commercial and community buildings. 

Build a Bench Project Engagement Officer

Rebecca Vincent-Evans
[email protected]

Rebecca (Beccy) is responsible for our Build a Bench project which is funded by the Building Better Opportunities project and runs at the Green Wood Centre in Coalbrookdale.

Beccy has worked in the education and employment sector for over 20 years and is a qualified tutor of adults experiencing mental health issues and unemployment backgrounds. She believes in delivering person-centred interventions to remove barriers and nurtures a growth mindset. She has experience in supporting people to recognise their skills, increase their confidence and self-esteem, and turn barriers into opportunities.


Online Services & Training Project Officer

Hannah Kenter

Hannah Kenter
[email protected]

Hannah organises our online nature connection courses and works in partnership with woodland leaders and third sector organisations across Wales to make this happen. She’s clued into research about the wellbeing benefits of time spent in nature.

Hannah has set up carbon saving training projects for students and managed a training advisory project for people experiencing homelessness. She has supported the development of rural and urban food and nature projects. Her training is in communications, counselling, and meditation.

An amateur naturalist, she enjoys volunteering at RSPB Ynys-hir. Favourite tree - moonlight reflecting from a silver birch is pretty amazing! 


Data Administrative Officer

Claire Tuxworth

Claire Tuxworth
[email protected]

Claire loves being outdoors, going for long walks and exploring new places – especially woodlands! Along with helping to support the team in her admin role at Coed Lleol (Small Woods Wales)

Claire runs her own art business where she combines her art practice with her love of the natural world.

Her favourite trees are Hawthorn and Elder because of the fascinating stories of folklore that surround them.

Leader and Participant Administrator 

Portrait of Pippa Hodges

Pippa Hodges
[email protected]

Pippa is a market gardener and a student at The Centre for Alternative Technology. She comes from a background in child & adolescent counselling and is enjoying bridging this experience with nature connection and its benefits to wellbeing. 

Pippa is interested in the ecological restoration projects, and how communities can become embedded in their success. She loves outdoor cooking and indoor movie-watching.  Her favourite tree is the hawthorn, for all the beauty and nourishment it provides season to season.

Project Officers based around Wales


Vivienne Plank

Vivienne Plank
Actif Woods Anglesey Programme Support
[email protected]
07932 924 652

Vivienne loves music and the outdoors. As well as working at Coed Lleol (Small Woods Wales), she is an Assistant Manager in a gift shop at a busy tourist attraction in Anglesey, runs social media accounts promoting live music, and stage manages at festivals.

Vivienne hopes that one day there will be a Green Wood and Woodland Skills Centre in Anglesey.

Her favourite tree is Oak, as she has a relationship with a particular local oak tree.

Becky Brandwood-Cormack

Becky Brandwood-Cormack
Woodland Wellbeing Project Officer for Carmarthenshire
[email protected]

Becky loves playing outside, whether that’s trail running, mountain biking, wild swimming or a mindful stroll in the woods. She enjoys foraging for medicinal plants, bird watching and tree hugging. She has studied nutrition and loves tasty, healthy plant-based food to maximise her physical and mental health. Becky is passionate about nature and encouraging others to build their connection with the natural world in order to create a more harmonious and reciprocal relationship.

She has previously worked in leisure centre management and sports development, holistic wellness and is co-founder of the Free Hugs initiative in South Wales.

She can’t possibly choose a favourite tree as they are all so unique and offer us so much in terms of medicine, wisdom and beauty.


Cath Cave

Cath Cave
Project Officer for Ceredigion 
[email protected]



Heli Gittins
Woodlands and Wellbeing Project Officer for Conwy
[email protected]

Heli is the woodlands and wellbeing project officer for Conwy, in partnership with Golygfa Gwydyr. She enjoys spending time in nature and playing the ukulele. She teaches mindfulness (having trained with Bangor University) in a range of settings outdoors, in the community and online. She also works part time at Bangor University where she has been researching nature and wellbeing. Prior to this she worked in services for homeless people and as a countryside ranger.



Portrait of Rebecca Hennessey

Rebecca Hennessey
Woodland Wellbeing Project Officer for Flintshire, Denbighshire and Wrexham 
[email protected]

Rebecca has worked for over 25 years within education, health and the third sector with people with learning disabilities, mental health problems and young offenders.  Rebecca helps to manage her local community woodland and is passionate about supporting the community to benefit from spending time outdoors.

Rebecca is also a music therapist, piano teacher and she enjoys many craft activities including processing, spinning and weaving fleeces.

Rebecca walked the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way in 2016 and she encountered many ancient trees along the way.  Rebecca’s favourite tree would have to be the yew tree due to its longevity and ability to rejuvenate.  



Chris Partridge
Project Officer for Gwent
[email protected]
07759 954 088

Chris is a native Geordie, but rooted in Cwmbran for over 12 years. He has a background in diabetes research and countryside management and has worked at BTCV Cymru and Keep Wales Tidy. He’s passionate about getting people interested in looking after their local green spaces for the benefits of people and wildlife.

Chris set up and still runs his own Community Group (The Friends of Henllys LNR) which over 10 years has transformed how this area is used and viewed by local people of all ages.

He doesn’t have a favourite tree, but if he did it could be apple tree as it gives nectar in the spring and fruit for people and wildlife in the autumn.


Melissa Dhillon

Melissa Dhillon
Project Officer Gwynedd  
[email protected]

Melissa is enthusiastic and passionate about nature and loves spending time outside, especially in woodlands. As well as working for Small Woods, she is a freelance forest school leader and social forestry practitioner and works for a community woodland group as an Education Officer.

Her favourite tree is blackthorn in spring, birch in summer, maple in autumn and beech in winter.


Elise Hughes

Project Officer for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf
[email protected]

Elise is a project officer for Merthyr Tydfil and RCT and is responsible for delivering woodland wellbeing programmes across these regions.

Elise has a background of delivering psychological therapies and wellbeing interventions and is passionate in supporting others with their wellbeing and connection to the outdoors. In her spare time, she enjoys rambling, taking photos of scenic landscapes and meditation.

Her favourite tree is field maple for its rich golden-yellow colours in autumn.



Katie Barrett

Katie Barrett
Community Health and Wellbeing Officer - Lost Peatlands Project Officer
Woodland Wellbeing Woodland Project Officer (Jobshare with Suzanne Chapple)
[email protected]

Katie Barrett is a wildlife fanatic with interests and skills in horticulture, mental well-being, wildlife rescue and eating cake. She has a background in environmental science and working with people with disabilities.

Her favourite trees are beech trees, because their colours in autumn are stunning.


Portrait of Suzanne Chapple

Suzanne Chapple
Woodland Wellbeing Woodland Project Officer (Jobshare with Katie Barrett)
[email protected]

Alongside her new Project Officer role, Suzanne is a freelance Forest School and Woodland Leader who loves helping people connect with nature and woodlands. 

In her spare time, she practises yoga, is studying Permaculture and enjoys spending time in her garden and exploring different woodlands with her children and the dog.

Her favourite tree is the Hawthorn. She used to spend a lot of time sitting in the one in her garden as a child and still feels very drawn to them. She is lucky enough to have one in her garden too!



Nicki Price

Nicki Price
Pembrokeshire Outdoor Health Project Officer
[email protected]

Working in partnership with Small Woods, Nicki’s role as Pembrokeshire Outdoor Health Project Officeris being hosted by Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum. 

As an occupational therapist, Nicki is passionate about improving health and wellbeing through supporting people to do the activities that matter to them. Nicki has over 15 years' experience of working and volunteering across a range of NHS and charitable organisations.

Nicki spends much of her spare time enjoying Wales’s beautiful wild spaces with family and friends. Nicki is excited to bring her passion for the outdoors and experience in healthcare together in her role as Pembrokeshire Outdoor Health Project Officer. 

Nicki’s favourite tree is the cherry - for the beautiful blossoms they display, and the fruit they produce that people and wildlife alike can share."  



Nico Swansea

Nico Jenkins
Project Officer Swansea 
[email protected]
07902 523 567

Nico is a people person who loves walking her dog and swimming in the sea in the summer months. She has specialist knowledge in medicinal woodland fungi and an interest in woodland ecology and food foraging.

Before coming to work at Small Woods, Nico worked at a variety of places, including Bangor University’s Centre for Alternative Land Use, The Wallich and MIND Swansea.

Her favourite tree is Elder, because it gives us both Elderflowers and Elderberries.

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